8 cringey things you definitely did if you were obsessed with FarmVille..

BACK IN 2009, in the early days of Facebook, a craze swept the land. This craze was called Farmville.

A simple farm simulation game, it consumed people’s lives. Our timelines were filled with ‘farmers’ celebrating the harvest of virtual crops and asking others to adopt their cows. It was a heady time, and we all did things we weren’t proud of. Like these.
If it meant awaking at 7am to harvest squash that would wither and die by 7.10am, so be it. If it required checking in whilst at the pub, then it was done!
And spent copious amounts of time arranging and rearranging your livestock

That pink cow man. That’s what you wanted.

You begged your friends to add you as a neighbour

More neighbours = more gifts. More gifts = fancier farm = THE DREAM.
You fired out requests like there was no tomorrow

You needed someone to donate three pumpkins so you could build your barn and you didn’t care how annoying it made you look.
You thought about spending actual money on it at least once

The things you could do! Everyone would be so jealous.
And posted mortifying statuses like these

Would you be WELL.
Now Timehop/Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ feature is the only proof of your obsession.

But some say your farm lives on, even after you leave it

Could this be true?

Look at it there. You’d almost be tempted… No. NEVER AGAIN.

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